OUR STORY About Us Safe & Blessed is a Family Found Business that was created by the minds and hearts of the Holston Family. When our country was swept off it’s feet by the Coronavirus Pandemic, our Family came together with an idea and a movement that would protect our children by keeping them “Safe & Blessed”! With our community coming together we believe we can educate our youth on our major social differences and disputes to stop racism, discrimination, inequality, sexism, agism, and began a world of social justice!Please join us in our movement to keep all of our children in the world “Safe & Blessed” by becoming a “Safe & Blessed” member and dressing your children and family members with our “Safe & Blessed” crosses! Founding Members Lula Founder/Writer/ Owner My name is Lula “Chuckie” Holston. I was born August 18th, 1949 to Anderson and Opal Miller. I am the 7th child of 11, 9 girls and 2 boys. I was born in a small town in Georgia, called Reynolds. I attended Reynolds Elementary and R.L. McDougald High School. After graduating I was accepted at Fort Valley State College, now known as Fort Valley State University. I obtained a BA Degree in Sociology, and a Teaching Certification in Georgia. I was married to James W. Holston on August 18th, 1968. Co-Founder of Safe & Blessed. From this union 3 Children were born Kim, Darius, and Marcus. We now have 9 Grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.  James Founder/Manager/ Owner My name is James’s “Jimmy James” Holston. I was born in Reynolds, Taylor County Georgia, on January 24th, 1948 to Joseph and Nettie L. Hicks Holston. I am the 10th of 11 children, 7 girls and 4 boys. I attended Reynolds Elementary, R.L. McDougald High School and Fort Valley State University. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Education, and a master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling. Received a certification to teach in the state of Georgia grades 7th thru 12th. Honorable discharge from the United States Army, and Congressional intern in the 3rd District of Georgia. Married to “Chuckie” on August 18th, 1968. Co-founder of Safe & Blessed. Three Children born to this union. Kim, Darius, and Marcus. We now have 9 grand children and 1 great grandchild. Marquitta Owner/Artist/Designer Hi Everyone, my name is Marquitta Cherie Holston, daughter of Darius Holston and Sharon Rosa. Born and raised in the suburbs of Virginia, I was taught to be a strong and independent young woman. With so much trauma in this world, my family and I wanted to do something drastic that can instill change in so many lives. We want to make a difference, thus the movement of Safe & Blessed began. It is an honor to not only be a part owner of this new venture, but to be the designer for our jewelry line. Darius Co Owner/CFO/CEO/Designer Hello Everyone! I’d like to introduce myself. Most of my family & friends call me “D”, but my birth name is Darius Holston. I was also born in the small town of Reynolds, GA. Unlike Mom & Dad, Me, my sister and brother were raised in the suburbs of Springfield, VA. A long way from Reynolds! I have 5 wonderful children: Marquitta, Sean, Alexis, Gabby, Tyler. Three Dogs: Chico, Cricket, Bane. And the most beautiful wife & woman in the world “My Sweet Melissa”! The strength and wisdom that has been passed along to me through the love of this family has shed a new light and started a movement within my heart that can’t be stopped. I am on a mission to keep our world Safe & Blessed! Kim Co-Owner/Marketing/ Sales Hello, my name is Kimbley Gomes, originally born in a little town called Reynolds, Georgia. Raised in Fairfax County, Virginia. I have a wonderful supporting husband, Stacey Gomes and from this union, we have a beautiful daughter, Taylor. I love God and love spending time with family and friends. My favorite vacation spot is, anywhere in the Caribbean. Items on my bucket list are to visit Hawaii and go skydiving and/or parasailing. Marcus Co-Owner/Marketing/CFO Hello current and future S&B family! My name is Marcus Holston the younger son of Clan Holston. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. At 18, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years and did a tour in Iraqi Freedom right after 911. As a prior service member, my belief in unity between family, friends and community deepened. I know that any problem that we share can be solved together. With this belief I strive to make my home and community better by one small act at a time; progress over perfection. I want to show love to my family and friends and give thanks to our creator for the blessings of those in our life who keep us whole. Giovanni Web Developer/ Graphic Designer My Name is Giovanni Diaz, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I was initially introduced to the Holston family during my early childhood of spending summers at my aunt's in springfield Virginia. My two cousins and I would play at the Holston's residents along with Marcus and Sean Holston. Keeping in touch with the family, I decided to take this amazing opportunity offered to me to hone my skills and build my portfoilio in web development and graphic design. I am grateful to be apart of such an amazing, unifying, virteous brand as Safe & Blessed.