Get Involved

Donations for Books & Education for Families have been made!  Thank you to all of those who supported us in the month of April and to everyone who attended the Manassas Art Show & Craft Fall Fair.  We enjoyed meeting all of you! 
For the month of April, we were able to donate to the following nonprofits:
National Center of Families Learning  -
As we continue to move forward, we will turn our focus onto battered Women for the month of May.  We will support programs that protect “All” Women.  
Details on the nonprofit organizations for the Month of May below:
Women Against Abuse -
The Safe Sisters Circle -
Connections for Abused Women and their Children -
Live your Dream -
As ONE nation, as people, we must continue spreading the message of love and not hate. We must all learn to love ourselves so we can learn to love one another! We can start helping solve some of our Nations problems and issues with the power of LOVE! 
Additional information on our World climate: