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Safe & Blessed thrives on making our World, Country, States, Counties, and Cities better places for all of us to live in Harmony! As we strive for perfection we have decided to donate “7” percent of all sales for each month to various 501c3 organizations specializing in our major topics in our Country. It is our goal to make sure every item sold returns a piece back to the community! With the help of our community and “New” Safe & Blessed members we believe that our goal can be achieved. We have to keep our world SAFE & BLESSED!

The month of December Donations:

Additional information on our World climate:

Safe & Blessed was able to successfully donate to the following nonprofit organizations in December focusing on Western Kentucky Tornado Relief, and the Homeless:


Team Western Kentucky Relief Fund –

Warren Village

Robin Hood Foundation

Beyond Housing


For the month of January we will turn our focus and donations to “Clothing” nonprofits.  See the clothing nonprofit organizations below:

Dress for Success -

Room to Grow -

Soles4Souls - 

Because of our recent cold temperatures across the map, Safe & Blessed will be donating 20% of all apparel sales to these clothing nonprofits for the month of January. 

So make sure you check out our apparel to help cloth someone today!